Halting State - Tasting

In the glass

I find beers like this particularly difficult to get right, perhaps because there are no big, bold flavours to hide any flaws. After 2 weeks in primary and another 3 weeks in secondary, with most of the time in secondary spent at around 4°C, I was hoping for…

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Nervous Energy - Tasting

Bottled Nervous Energy

Now here is a beer I that makes me really happy! It has turned out better than I would have dared to hope, drinkable, hoppy, spicy and a real looker too. This is a beer brewed like a traditional weizen, but hopped with plenty of New Zealand hops. I brewed…

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Halting State

D-45 Syrup

I get the ideas for my beers from a pretty wide range of sources; commercial beers, blogs, books, and of course from the mysterious depths of my mind. This particular beer is one of two that I decided to brew after having read Farmhouse Ales by Phil Markowski, the other…

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Nervous Energy

hops in a glass

A pale, sessionable, New Zealand hopped weizen in mid-winter? This might be better as summer beer, but I'm not organised enough to plan all my beers by season. I've wanted to brew a weizen for a while now, but had to wait until the temperatures in my basement fell low…

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